Life as a writer and graphical wiz

The past few weeks I have been working hard on getting press materials ready for our first product launch in Ingenium Golf, and have learned a thing or two about the process…

It is hard, damn hard. I thought writing all those pesky articles and reports at the university was hard getting done, but this seems much harder. Compacting everything you know and love about a product that has been over two years under way into 12-15 sentences for a folder is almost impossible. Something always seems to be missing, or it gets too long, or the pictures aren’t good enough, or the text is the same as on the webpage, or, or, or – I could go on for quite a while. Seems much easier to write stuff like this. No wonder novels get so long…

Other than that I am really getting to love all of Adobe’s awesome programs even more. Switching between InDesign, Illustrator, Muse and Photoshop is seamless and everything works – I just wish I were a lot better at Photoshop sometimes. Good thing I have connections :-)

Anywho, this was just a little rambling about what I am doing these days. Tomorrow it is all about the hardware and getting things to talk to each other. Going to be fun getting the soldering iron out of the toolbox again, and hopefully I wont burn any of the very expensive circuits I have laying around.

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