Ingenium status – sailing?

I just thought it was about time I posted a little more on what is going on with development in my company and what else I am spending time on.

First and foremost, Ingenium Golf and its related products are coming along nicely. The past week have been crammed with meetings and prototype work, and we are getting really close to having the final product ready for release. We redefined some of the software development goals, making things better for as well the user and our development process – I had a great meeting with a possible manufacturer of all the electronics we need – and our investment plan is getting very close to being completely accepted closing our deals for the next 6 months. So all in all, things are great, and I simply love working on it.

Other than the golf project, I was invited to join a workshop on developing similar concepts for elite competitive sailing, hosted by Sailing Aarhus today. It was a great workshop highlighting some of the many challenges with sailing as a spectator sport. It was a perfect match with my competencies from both Ingenium and my masters thesis, so I had a lot of ideas and some really great networking with the other attendants. I even started a small venture into some prototyping together with some of the attendants, creating a simpler way of tracking all the data available on the ship – maybe a new branch of Ingenium sometime in the future? Anywho, it was a great day for networking and concept development, and hopefully the nice people from Sailing Aarhus will get something out of it.

So yeah, things are running full speed, and all I need right now is some kind of money source for my daily bills to be right where I want to be :-D